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How is ACN Allergy Program implemented?

Allergy Care Now will fully manage all operational and clinical responsibilities of the program. Services are performed under the supervision of the physician on site or other other appropriate licensed professional. Healthcare providers will select appropriate candidates for allergy testing and treatment.

What is the financial responsibility in implementing an allergy program?

There are absolutely NO UPFRONT FEES to implement an allergy program.

How quickly can we implement the ACN Allergy Program?  

Implementation can typically occur in days

When will I be invoiced?

ACN allows the practice to build up cash flow prior to the first invoice. ACN invoices 30 days after initial allergy services have been provided. Thereafter, clients are invoiced at the end of every month for all tests and immunotherapy that has been prepared

How are patients chosen for testing?

An allergy profile is given to patients to determine their medical necessity and eligibility.

Who provides Allergy testing supplies?

Allergy Care Now provides ALL testing supplies and materials.

How often will the Allergy technician be in the office?

An ACN technician can be provided part time or full time based upon need and testing volume.

What is the responsibility of the facility staff?

There should be a point of contact or liaison for the ACN technician that is assigned by the physician or facility.

How will patients know if Allergy testing is covered by their insurance?

Allergy testing is covered by most insurance carriers. Part of the billing responsibilities is pre-authorization of allergy testing benefits.

What is the start up cost for the ACN program?

There are no out-of-pocket fees associated with implementing the ACN allergy program. We only ask that the facility provide a designated space and access to communication. Allergy Care Now will pay for all supplies and personnel needed to run a successful allergy program.

Can I still perform these services even though I am not an Allergist or Immunologist?

According to Medicare policy, any M.D. or D.O. can perform these services