Treat The Allergies, Not The Symptoms

Allergy Care Now is a unique laboratory solutions company that provides services to physicians and medical practices who are looking to expand their offerings, retain their patient population and generate a substantial revenue stream for their practice. We specialize in providing turnkey allergy services including screening and immunotherapy regimens.

Our protocols were developed by leading allergy laboratories and allergists with a focus on performing such procedures in medical practice settings. We utilize certified allergy technicians so that each office receives a highly trained medical professional that become an extension of the physician’s practice. Within practices it is important to have a high level of care as well as consistency so that the technician becomes familiar and trusted to the patient and their family. The services we provided, specifically scratch test screening is considered to be the gold standard based on the test’s sensitivity and specificity compared with other forms of allergy testing.

With Allergy Care Now, you now have the ability to target the source of the allergy in the comfort of your own office.

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