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Immunotherapy or allergy shots is a treatment that can offer long term relief by decreasing the patient’s sensitivity to substances called allergens. This desensitization therapy can decrease, substantially minimize and even lead to no allergy symptoms all together. Immunotherapy builds up the body’s tolerance to offending allergens through regular injections in increasing dosages of the diluted allergens.

Immunotherapy is a preventative treatment for chronic allergy symptoms and allergy shots can reduce symptoms up to 85%. Immunotherapy has been proven effective to prevent the development of new allergies in children, it can prevent the progression of the allergic disease from allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and allergic asthma. It can also lead to the long-lasting relief of allergy symptoms after treatment is stopped.

Immunotherapy gets to the root of the problem without just masking the symptoms with over- the-counter or prescription drugs. Often patients can eliminate medications all together and remain off medication indefinitely. Immunotherapy actually changes the way your body reacts to allergens and offers the freedom to feel better and live a healthier life.

* Please Note: Allergy shots are not recommended for food allergies